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REO Home Renovations & Repairs – Baltimore, MD • Washington D.C.


Advance Contracting employs experienced, professional contractors that specialize in home rehabilitation and are able to transform a neglected home into a marketable property quickly and cost-effectively.  It is our mission to  rehab properties to boost property value and enhance buyer appeal so that you can realize the highest possible selling price.

We are a full service Home Improvement Contractor offering complete renovations, small repairs, restoration and rehabilitation services.  We offer the following Home Improvement & Restoration Services:

Remodeling Services

Restoration & Repairs

Fire Restoration
Insurance Repair
Mold Remediation and lead paint abatement

Remodeling, Repairs & Maintenance

Plumbing                            Gutters                  Siding
Electrical                              Doors                    Flooring
Roofing                                Windows              Painting
Heating Cooling                Kitchen                  Bath
Drywall                                Carpentry               Tile
Interior/Exterior Remodeling
Apartment Turnovers


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