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REO Property Preservation – Baltimore, MD • Washington D.C.

After the property is properly secured, Advance Contracting will deploy a team for property preservation and maintenance. Our team will take care of debris removal, winterization, pool maintenance, snow removal and landscaping. This will allow you to focus on doing what you do best ñ marketing and selling the property.


Advance contracting provides an experienced eviction team in order to arrange for lockout procedures. We work closely with the client, attorneys and law enforcement officials to ensure a seamless transition. Our team abides by professional standards when working with all parties involved and follows the local laws and regulations.

Debris Removal

In order to avoid code violations, potential health issues, safety concerns and infestation problems, debris removal is an important phase of the REO process. We remove all debris from the interior and exterior of the property.


Winterizing an unoccupied home is critical in order to avoid serious damage to the heating, plumbing and other systems throughout the home during the cold months. Advance Contracting performs full winterization services on all plumbing fixtures, as well as dry, steam and radiant heat systems, to avoid damage and costly repairs.


Winterization includes work such as:

  • Draining the hot water tank
  • Draining water lines and using an air compressor to remove any remaining water
  • Pressure testing the system to check for potential leaks
  • Cleaning and winterizing toilets and tanks
  • Adding antifreeze to sink drains, traps and toilets
  • Securing the main water line

Once the property status changes or when the cold months come to an end, our de-winterization services restore all systems to normal working order.

Maintenance: Snow Removal, Pool Maintenance

We provide snow removal services to keep walkways and driveways clear during the winter months to ensure safety and security. We also offer pool maintenance as needed. All snow and pool maintenance is performed according to applicable investor/insurer guidelines.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

Professional landscaping and hardscaping can enhance curb appeal.  We offer landscaping and hardscaping services such as Design & Installation, Retaining Walls and Concrete Services to make your property look its best to make a memorable first impression.


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